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My Daughter Melissa's Affair

My Daughter Melissa's Affair

By StonyPoint - Oct 25, 2010 - From story- series. Sex Story Series - Views - 17615 “I want…I think I want to have an affair” she told the slightly older woman.
The good looking 35 year old who was now divorced, had two children who were slightly older, and happened to currently live at her parents house next door and happened to visit like everyone else. It was a block party but she had walked away from it and went into another room to be alone. It had been crossing her mind more and more often and she wanted to figure out who and when and where it could be done. Yes, here would be fine, but she never knew if he’d show up and discover her having an affair on him. Yes, he may end up being interested she had one seeing as it wasn’t with a guy- Two women having great, long, and pleasurable sex together? Who wouldn’t enjoy that, she thought. But would he on the other hand, she asked herself.
“So, that’s what’s been bothering you all this time…I mean even right now…on this wonderful day?” the woman said.
Melissa nodded her head. Still in great shape, still holding the same luxurious figure, although she was slightly thicker, she was curvy and limber and she was excellent in bed and she was excellent all the time.
The woman, by chance her half-sister and for that matter her half-sister never knew it, sat down in a chair facing Melissa. Dawn was as good looking as they came. Not gorgeous but still attractive in many variables of the definition, had a figure which wouldn’t quit or so Melissa thought. She didn’t necessarily agree but Melissa always felt she was a great looking woman. Melissa looked up from the floor. Dawn was smiling.
“What?” Melissa said quietly.
“I do know of someone, you know her too, and she’d have an affair with you” Dawn said.
“Who’s that?” asked Melissa.
Dawn, with her hair longer now, but still short, and glistening told her. “Me…I’ll lay down with you. I’ll have sex with you. We can go and rent out a room somewhere and you and I can…well we can make love. How’s that sound?”
Finally she smiled. Finally she discovered someone who’d have an affair, a bisexual affair with her. “You…you want…you want to have an affair…with me?” Melissa asked.
Dawn nodded as she put her hand on Melissa’s knee. Once she did, she smiled and Melissa looked up at her and knew. Dawn was rubbing her knee, gently. She told Melissa she’d love to have one too. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t had one before, and she didn’t say it to Melissa but to have it with her would mean something special. Melissa reached over and hugged Dawn. They sat hugging one another for a minute or so.
“You feel nice to be honest” said Dawn.
Melissa agreed and they hugged again. The next day Dawn got word. Her parents were going out of town for a few days that week. Later she called Melissa and told her to come over on Wednesday. She didn’t explain. On Wednesday, like Dawn requested, she came.
“Hi” said Dawn.
“Hi” Melissa said. “How are you…what’s going on?” she asked.
“Care to stay…and uhhh chat for a while?” Dawn said.
She escorted Melissa to the living room and then went and got a couple glasses of wine. The mood was ripe. Quiet with soft lighting, Melissa didn’t catch on, yet. They talked. They laughed about stuff. Dawn poured another glass of wine but upon doing so she sat next to Melissa on the couch. She sat down close in proximity. Melissa “felt” her close presence. She liked it. Dawn felt something too and also liked it. Before Melissa knew it Dawn was doing it again. Dawn placed her hand on Melissa’s leg and began rubbing it. It really meant nothing in most respects but to Melissa it had to mean something big.
She looked at Dawn. She looked into her eyes. She “studied” Dawn’s face as Dawn and her continued to talk about things in general. The area in which Dawn’s hand was at changed as they talked. From on top it went to the side of Melissa’s leg. That day instead of wearing pants of some kind, Melissa wore a short length skirt. Great Dawn thought while considering how attractive and how very inviting the skirt was as well. Dawn smiled initially when Melissa had come into the house. Regardless, she didn’t touch the flesh. Her hand remained on top of the skirt, rubbing the material itself the whole time.
Touch me…touch my leg thought Melissa. Why do you think I wore this, she thought to herself. It felt nice, okay, yes, but do you think I wore this for my dress to be felt? No, I want you to feel me, touch my leg. She forced herself not to move so that Dawn would actually feel the side of her leg. Now, if she did that, if she felt her flesh, her thigh…now that would be super.
Finally. Yes. A bigger smile appeared on Melissa’s face but seeing as she’s never had a bisexual affair ever in her life she wasn’t about to begin acting like she had one anyway. Dawn scooted closer making it easier for her to feel Melissa’s leg. She desired having the inside of her leg felt next but Melissa refused letting herself need to be touched there, yet.
Oh god, yes…yes…oh yes, she thought. She felt the shooting pangs which run up then down her body, inside her. God, this is…ohhh this feels…her eyes finally closed as Dawn’s hand moved about her legs over the top of her skirt. This feels incredible she told herself as her heart rate increased madly. Having never done this before she let Dawn do it all for the time being.
Melissa looked at Dawn’s hand as it rubbed her thigh. The talking, at that point, had ended. Silence filled the house. Dawn and Melissa stared into one another’s eyes as Dawn’s hand rubbed Melissa’s upper leg. Melissa was filled with high emotion.
Her hand proceeded to slowly go upward and Dawn intentionally followed the look on Melissa’s face. There wasn’t anything to suggest she wasn’t ready for this as her hand continued stroke along her thickness. Melissa’s eyes closed while feeling the subtle nature bestowed upon her body by Dawn. A little higher it went and rubbed her just beneath her boobs.
Come on. Touch one, she thought. Touch them, she told herself. Dawn smiled. Melissa’s head fell slightly back. Her shoulder’s squared off, slightly, making it appear as if she was projecting her breasts out for Dawn’s taking.
A hand rose, up, and over her tit. Another hand, gently, did the same thing. “Oh” Dawn heard Melissa pronounce quietly. Dawn looked and noticed Melissa’s eyes were closed and Dawn, in rubbing her tits lightly, squeezed them lightly too. “Oh…ohhhhhhh” she said quietly as she fell against the arm of the couch. “Oh god…yes” she said pushing against Dawn’s hands.
“Come on… let me take you to the bedroom…okay?”
Melissa nodded and they walked to her bedroom. She closed the door and sat down on Dawn’s bed with Dawn. Nervous, she continued letting Dawn do her thing. Their hands came together. While holding hands, Dawn kissed her lips, lightly. She again kissed Melissa lightly on her lips. As she did, Melissa allowed Dawn to kiss more and more and once the kissing ensued, it became deeper and heavier then Melissa ever expected.
But Melissa liked the softness and affectionate warmth Dawn’s kisses provided. They seemed arousing. They seemed to make her feel a tingling down to her toes almost. She wanted it all. She wanted kisses felt all over her body. She wanted to be kissed all over her. So quietly she told Dawn to kiss her everywhere. “Oh god” Dawn heard her say. “Yes, my…ohhhhhhh wow” she uttered as Dawn kissed her breasts again. Melissa’s boobs, so full and round tat they were, provided a luxurious excitement for Dawn. She too loved Melissa’s figure. And kissing all of it was nothing but pleasurable for the slightly older woman.
“OHHHH GOD” she screamed as Dawn licked her pussy. How did she do that, Melissa asked herself. How…how, she wondered? “OHHHH YES… MORE…DON’T STOP” she screamed out as her body pushed into Dawn’s mouth and tongue. Her body jumped. Her body jumped, again. It amazed Melissa how she could feel this way. Her body was full of tingling pangs and Melissa could not control how she felt. “OH GOD, YOU HAVE NOOOOO IDEA HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW!”
But Dawn did know. She knew very well how it felt to be licked by another woman. She loved her other bisexual affairs. She adored each and every one of them very much. Her hands roamed Melissa’s body as her head laid up inside her legs. Licking and licking and more licking raised the amount of desire within Melissa and before Melissa realized it, she was about to get her chance with Dawn.
“Ohhhhhh…ohhhhhhh yes…yes” she cried out as Melissa licked her pussy back. She cried out and as she felt Melissa’s hands on her own boobs, she too buckled madly. Her body hadn’t ever felt anything like what Melissa was doing to hers. “Ugh…ugh…ohhh… UGH…UGH…OHHHHHHHH YES…YES…YES… DON’T STOP HONEY… DO NOT STOP” Dawn screamed.
Both came, both had their lavish orgasms, and when it was all said and done… When both had screamed out after having orgasms, they fell next to one another, and each took the other in their arms.
Dawn gazed into Melissa’s eyes. “And that is how you make love to another woman. No blowjobs, none of that dirty stuff men love to do such as ass fucking, which I abhor… Simply kiss me and feel me here and there and few other places too, but when it is all said and done…well a woman gains a lot of respect for another woman. She learns how to really make love to another person. Especially another woman” Dawn told Melissa.
“Oh god…thank you…thank you…whewww…thank you” Melissa said with a smile on her face as Melissa leaned and kissed Dawn’s lips.

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