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Gay escorting-10 signs to notice that your boyfriend is working as a London gay escort, Part 2

Gay escorting-10 signs to notice that your boyfriend is working as a London gay escort, Part 2

Gay man have always been bitches, we all know that. Backstabbing and unfaithful. Still some of them are even worse. They not only lie and cheat on you but they do get paid for it as well. This is the second part of how to know if your boyfriend is a London gay escort 6. He has 2 mobile phones Who the hell needs 2 mobile phones these days? One for your mom other for your friends? I don't think so, having 2 mobile phones is a sure sign your boyfriend may me making money as an escort in disguise. 7. He has more money than most guys at his age You seem to work hard, show commitment and initiative at work. Somehow the promotions seem to come very rarely. He on the other hand has it all. Good job, loads of money. Loads of money?! Wait a second how come a bartender makes that kind of money? 8. He disappears sometimes without saying a word You are in the middle of a lovely walk or shopping trip. Your boyfriend on the other hand says something "I need to go darling will explain later". Needless to say that explanation never comes.... 9. He goes to gym and always tries to look best He always wears best outfits, tightest jeans to show off his body. He works out a lot and gets lot of attention because of that. While a lot of gay men are known for their vanity, this is something else. Your other half may be making a quick buck on the side as a London gay escort 10. He has sex with you as if it were his job While you are in bed his focus seems to be somewhere else. It seems to happen more often and often. Has it ever dawned on you that the reason why he seems so distant that he has too much sex. All the signs of overworked callboy are here- make sure he does not make extra living as London gay escort.
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