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Doctor Visits

Doctor Visits

By Stoneypoint - Dec 31, 2007 - From interracial- stories. Interracial stories - Views - 40277 “So Mr. Michel... is there anything else you’d like me to take a look at for you since Dr. Finn isn’t here?” The interim physician attending to something which ailed me was unique to put it mildly. Dr. Lilly Renal a visiting resident physician was on hand to handle minor maladies and make some diagnosis on a handful of physical problems.
Let me state this for the record... the woman... my interim physician was a babe! She was a babe and then some. I don’t’ know how tall she was but she wasn’t fat nor was she skinny. She appeared a little stout if you ask me and she seemed like she had huge boobs too... if you asked me. As far as anything else well I initially couldn’t be sure, but be advised this resident physician acting as my interim doctor was a babe!
“Yes I do have something that’s been bothering me but I don’t... well I was reluctant to bring it up three months ago with Dr. Finn.”
Sitting on the chair while I sat on one of those beds in the doctor’s office in my airy gown she held a perpetual smile that stuck on my brain. It did that to anyone I bet. That was Dr. Renal; absolutely gorgeous woman with gorgeous eyes and a gorgeous smile with really bright white teeth for starters. Her skin was smooth and gentle and combine it with her eyes you felt like chocolate being melted all over a bowl of vanilla ice cream or maybe it should be the other way around.
“You don’t want to share it the likes of me do you” she asked nicely but cautiously. I shook my head no but with some hesitation. “Ohhh now seeing you do that makes me second guess you. Maybe you do want to talk about it... maybe” she asked in a sweet but sly tone. “It isn’t because I’m a woman is it? I bet it is... isn’t it Mr. Michel? I know it can’t be because I am a black woman. I’m sure of that” and I nodded my head in agreement with her. “Because if that was the case you would have refused my seeing you a lot time ago.”
“No you’re right it is not that” I told her.
“Then it has to be something very private... something so embarrassing you’ve been afraid to talk about it. You know... something like erectile dysfunction? Sir please understand I am a professional” she went on to say as her face grew serious. I see you as a patient, a customer if you will. I see you only as a medical species of sorts... nothing else sir. Your nurse... would you feel more com comfortable if she was here with me so we can go over this?”
“Dr. I never said I had that sort of problem” I told her.
She asked me kindly what it was then. I couldn’t tell her although she knew the problem, but it was worse then that. I’m a blessed man. I am a well endowed human being. It isn’t like I am out each weekend trying to meet women, but the women I have met expect something within a reasonable time period and when we arrive at that “level” of the relationship... well I can’t perform.
“Mr. Michel it is evident” she told me in a serious tone. There are programs and of course you know medications for these sorts of things too. I can help you with it... if you’d like me too.”
I surrendered in a manner of speaking. I wanted help and somehow she drew it out of me. I gave in and admitted my problem. Her all encompassing smile melted me. I tingled all over. She excited me but she did so in a different way then most women.
Yeah all those other women could make me feel excited. Yeah they could get me to tingle all over too, but with Dr. Renal I felt myself throbbing and becoming aroused but without the benefit of showing any results.
I could not get hard as a result of being turned on even though I felt all the symptoms.
My face shuttered. I showed my frustrations in front of this beautiful resident physician. I ached as I yearned to resolve my problem. Finally I broke down as my real nurse walked in and closed the door.
“Doc... I can’t... I can’t get an erection even though... even though I have all those feelings” and that’s when I realized both my real nurse and Dr. Renal stood in front of me listening to me confess my sins so to speak.
I looked at my nurse Charlene. A pretty but chubby black nurse who I get along with really well... we always are joking around... she empathized with me wearing a smile, but I wondered what she really had on her mind.
“There is a clinic which I participate in. In fact Charlene does too don’t you Charlene?” She said yes. “It is across town and I have off hours on Saturday afternoon. I have a full schedule all week...” and she went onto tell me her weekend schedule too. She offered to see me in a few days on Saturday afternoon. “There are some treatments which will work, but you have to be open to some different techniques” she commanded.
“Okay... what time” I asked.
Standing around the nurses station we set up a time; Charlene told me they would break for lunch and be back at 12.45. She told me it was crucial to be there promptly. I was there only afternoon patient. I arrived at 12:35. They followed me in a couple minutes later and saw me in.
Charlene told me I could use any room, but to change into a gown; I hated them and most everyone does for that matter. These gowns were different. They were soft and warm. I loved them and they tied on the side instead of the back so your ass doesn’t hang out and become cold.
“Alright Mr. Michel are you ready for me” Dr. Renal asked as she knocked on the door. I was ready and she walked in leaving the door ajar for Charlene I suspected. “Now let’s take a look at you and figure this out.
Putting on gloves she asked me to spread my legs apart so I did. Reaching up inside the loose fitting gown I told myself “You’re in for a little surprise.” I think she expected to grab hold of something much smaller then she did because when she first touched me her eyes squinted with a great curiosity. Her eyes never looked towards me; they appeared to be searching as her hand began to crawl and grab more then she ever expected.
They began to bulge out of their sockets as her hand seized hold of more and more of my mass. Yes that is right... like I said earlier I am extremely blessed or just the opposite. It lie limp in the cusps of her hand. Folded over or around it, it was thicker then she could have ever imagined. Her eyes had become enlarged. She tried remaining professional but her facial expressions suggested otherwise. I know she felt like saying something to me personally... I could tell by her reactions.
“And you’ve... well you’ve had... did you have...” and her eyes closed momentarily while still holding my limp mass. I nodded my head yes, but in anticipating her questions I also shook my head no. I never knew initially what her questions were. I was a little confused but we would eventually come to some conclusions. Still she let her gloved hand feel around my massive limp extension.
I began to love how it felt. I began to feel the pangs. I began to feel the tingling. I started tightening up as my eyes shut. They showed all suggestion of being excited and I felt every indication of it too but my penis did not cooperate that afternoon with what I felt and for that I was upset.
“Please doctor can you...” and I took a deep breath “Can you please remove your hand... it’s becoming too... way too much” I told her in an exasperated voice.
She removed it immediately. Her eyes showed every sign she was floored like all the other women I had been with when they saw how abnormally big I was. Long and fat, my cock wouldn’t become erect! I absolutely hated myself because of it! I wanted to become hard! I wanted to get off! I wanted to be able to perform again! I wanted to do it with or without a woman present... if possible. I couldn’t even do that much any longer. I couldn’t even jack off and cum in the presence of my own fantasies.
Composing herself the doctor removed her gloves. “Charlene come here a moment please. Put on your gloves please” she said in a composed tone. Charlene put on her gloves as asked. “Will you please reach up underneath and feel around by Mr. Michel’s penis” she asked Charlene.
Was the doctor playing freaking games with me? I wasn’t sure but for my nurse to do what she was asked to do with a visiting resident physician, I thought this was way out of line as doctors go.
Nurses don’t do this sort of thing... do they? Not in my 35 years of living of living on this planet they didn’t. Just before Charlene’s hand reached my drooping fat penis I abruptly said “Wait a second! What’s going on here? ” Shaking my head as I closed my yes I asked “Is this a game? I mean she’s never ever been around me like this when I’m undressed... never! No disrespect Charlene and if I was in any other situation... believe me I wouldn’t mind what’s going on at all but hell ladies... I’m beginning to feel like I am more then a scientific specimen to you two. Am I Doctor... am I Charlene?”
They looked at each other and Charlene looked at me. “Doctor Renal wants me to confer with her on this. Mr. Michel... Dan... I know I am not a physician, but have been a nurse for almost ten years now. So I do have knowledge and almost all the qualifications of a doctor... wouldn’t you think so” she asked with one of those charismatic smiles she always puts on for me.
“I suppose” I replied... “Go ahead Charlene... if you must” I conceded. She slipped her hand up inside my gown carefully. Gently she guided her hand towards my drooping fat piece. Just like Dr. Renal she thought she’d feel a typical white man’s penis and just like the Doctor her eyes jumped out of their sockets as her hand discovered more and more of me. Her fingers strolled further and further as they reached around the tip of me. Her eyes and face both indicated that same fascination as the doctors. Just like the doctor’s face Charlene’s face grew mesmerized by my blessed stock.
And I again began feeling all those erotic sensations a man feels when a woman begins stroking or should I say feeling my limpness. The tingling exploded within me. I felt strong pangs shooting upwards out of my penis. My eyes squinted again as my body tightened up and I wanted to cum. I wanted to let them know I was healthy. I wanted to blow my load. I could feel al the feelings, but I didn’t show it physically.
“God damnit... that’s enough I said in a curt voice and Charlene removed her hand instantly. She apologized. “NO it is okay... I understand. I do understand” I told both of them. “I suppose if we sat around and I fingered you two on your clits and it did nothing whatsoever for you... I’d be amazed too. Is that a fair assessment?”
Laughing cautiously Dr. Renal shook her head yes and agreed. She told me to go ahead and put my clothes on while patting my shoulder. “I think I know what your problem is and I’m going to talk to Charlene a second. I’ll be right back... okay?”
I said okay and as I was buttoning up she walked in seeing my slightly hairy chest making a mental note of it from all indication.
“We’ve talked... well I talked to her and she agreed with me that one of two things is preventing all this. “Did you have a recent head injury... within the last several months? I’d even go back as far as two years, but when did the problem begin?”
“16 months ago, but no I haven’t had a head injury since I was in high school. Look I’m 35 so that’s been 17 years ago” I told her.
“Then there is one other possibility” she offered. “I’m positive this is what is causing it all. 17 or 18 months back I’ll bet you had some sort of serious groin injury did you not?” I shook my head yes. “Since it healed without going to see a doctor about it you’ve continued running and even working out... am I right?”
I confirmed she was right. “Every time you exercise you put stress on that hidden injury. You aggravate it each time. It interacts with your nervous system and hence causes you to not perform... which is not a good thing is it” she asked with a coy smile.
“No I’d say it isn’t” I replied smiling back.
“What you will need to do is cutback altogether. No running at all... none whatsoever for anything. No walking at all except to and from work. No exercising of any kind... no sit-ups, pushups or anything Dan; none at all. Any remote form of any kind which puts stress on this hidden injury is only going to prolong you from enjoying yourself the way you or anyone wishes to enjoy you. Do you understand me” she commanded. “That certainly means no going out... and I mean no going out and dancing tonight or any other night for a week.”
“Okay... scouts honor but then what” I asked.
She told me to come back next week at the same time. She had a few ideas or therapies which she believed would help in healing me. I did exactly as she told me and as I walked out Charlene walked up to me and apologized for being so unprofessional. I told her she wasn’t out of line and hoped she enjoyed herself. She knew I was joking and we winked at one another.
The following week I arrived at the same time. They came in right behind me but dressed like they had gone to a special luncheon, which they had. Both smelled great. Both were in great spirits and both showed me to a different room in the clinic.
“Dan sit down on the couch will you? I did as the asked. There were several in the room. It looked more like a hotel room then a lounge. “I’ve come to the conclusion by diagnosing your problem that you’ll probably need to take a soft medication. This will heal you, but it will take a week or so.”
Handing me a packet of pink pills she asked me to take one now and put on another gown. She said she’d be back shortly which turned out to be 40 minutes. I was anxious and wondered what the two were doing. I walked out in my gown and they were sitting down by a computer and when they saw me they made some sudden moves as if shutting down a program which could be forbidden in any business or wherever.
Both looked up smiling like innocent angels, but I knew better and asked “So what was the name of the dirty site you were on?”
They laughed nervously which told me I was right on so I asked again, but never did get an answer. Charlene escorted me back to the room and I told her how nice she smelled and she smiled with a wink. She told me I was going to eventually come out of this smelling like a rose. I’d be back on top of my game when it was all said and done.
“Sit down Charlie Brown while we try some things out.” I asked what as she started to undo her blouse. “Does this do anything for you?”
“Whoooaaa... does it do some... what do you mean does it do... geez Charlene what the... ohhh wow girl” I tried telling her. With her dark blouse pulled open the pretty and chubby nurse of mine stood proudly in front of me showing off her tits to me. Wearing a gorgeous satiny chocolate bra, her breasts overflowed in it. “Ohhhh shit Charlene... ohhh wow damn...” I said fumbling my words as her smile grew larger. “I mean what I’m trying to say is...” and my eyes closed for a moment. “You’re... you’re oh my god! You are incredibly sexy” I told her as the smile on her face mushroomed.
“I am so glad you think so. I’ve been waiting all week to do this for you. Does it turn you on Dan? Does it at all?”
“Does it... Does it” I asked myself. It did and I tingled and I felt the pangs... but I was not showing or feeling any sign of it. My face turned somber and Charlene knew instantly that even though she looked sexy and felt great that I thought she did she wasn’t getting me to show any sign of an erection.
Gesturing me to hold up but in a friendly manner she walked to the door and called for Dr. Renal. “Did we have any success” the doctor asked. Charlene said no as I shook my head no.
“But I did feel all the same sensations if that helps” I told her.
“Ohhh good yes good” she told us as she suddenly began unbuttoning her blouse too.
“Ohhhhhhhh fuck” I said aloud by accident. The doctors were even larger and more majestic. “Ohhh my...” and my eyes popped out as I watched her tits appear gracefully inside a plum colored lace bra. “Ohhh my god” I cried out. “You two... I can’t tell you how sexy you two really... ohhh wow ohhhh wow ladies” I exclaimed as smiles grew on their faces.
Every possible erotic feeling surged within me! The tingling, pangs and anxious yearnings a guy feels when around a desirable sexy woman... problem is I’ve never felt anything ever for any black woman in my wife. That isn’t to say I’ve never saw any I thought weren’t attractive. To the contrary there have been many I’ve wanted to talk to, go up and say hi and even considered asking to dance with me, but I hadn’t up to that point.
Suddenly I was telling myself or asking myself should I? Should I tell the two medical professionals I wanted to go out with them and just see what happens? I felt like doing that... I really truly did! I couldn’t see myself asking two women who were black, but nonetheless just as sexy as any other woman I’ve been around.
And with an added attraction of two sets of the juiciest abundantly sized boobs staring me directly in the face... Geez ohh wow... I needed some balls so I could get up the gumption to tell them how I felt.
I was falling to pieces even though I felt euphoria setting in that I hadn’t felt in ages. I felt powerful surges of arousal I hadn’t felt in months. I felt hormonal discharges erupting within in me and as that started to happen, my eyes focused on those two sets of huge dark tits along with awesome matching white smiles.
But what I didn’t realize was my cock began to stiffen up... for the first time in 16 months... my cock hardened a little and even though I unconsciously felt it I didn’t notice it had happened.
“Dan” the doctor asked “I know you like what you’re seeing but how do you feel? How does it feel to you seeing our breasts Dan? Do you feel a little different this time? Would you like to feel yourself or have either of us feel you” she asked.
“Huh what” I asked watching them walk towards me. Their tits grew larger. They came closer and more life like to me. I was overwhelmed and too overcome by the fantastic nature of these two sets of bras and the encased brown bosoms closing in on me.
“God let me suck you” I told myself. “Let me take them off” referring to the bras I begged to myself. The whole time my bugged out eyes watched their sexy frames walk towards me I tingled and stiffened a little more.
“What’s wrong” Charlene asked me. “Are you feeling okay?” She looked to Dr. Renal and asked her if she thought he was overcoming my erectile dysfunction. She nodded her head yes but I heard her say she wanted me to touch myself so I did. Not thinking I pulled up my gown exposing my fat mass and realized there was some physical reaction to their attempt in arousing me.
“Wow it’s working... It worked” I told them elatedly. They looked down and huge smiles crossed over their faces.
“Yes... yes it has but not com completely Dan. IT has not worked com completely” The doctor said as she buttoned herself back up and then Charlene did too. “I am so glad this worked like I thought it would” the doctor went on to say.
“Geez either of you two care to come home with me tonight and try that out again on me” I teased.
Charlene winked as the doctor told me I had to follow the same exact directions this week. Reluctantly I did as she instructed and she also told me “No masturbating Mr. Michel. You hear me” she asked sternly.
The following week they did the same thing undoing their blouses for me and seeing what kind of rise they’d get from me. Each week we’d reach a new threshold until 7 weeks later. Finally I put it to them “When do I get to go full blow... you know when can we see if I can sustain myself once I get a com complete erection?”
“I think next week will do but not here” the doctor told me. “Where would be a good place to test all this out you want to try” she asked.
“We could come to my place” Charlene offered. “I live alone; I could make dinner for us and we can consider all this a medical research. How does that sound to you Doctor?”
I got horny just thinking about it. “Yeah works for me” I told them. What is your address Charlene?” The doctor said she’d have to check her schedule that Saturday, which she did and happily agreed to meet on Saturday night around 6 pm at Charlene’s.
I arrived at 6 pm sharp carrying a loaf of bread, cheese and two bottles of wine not knowing what to expect but hoping it goes off well. Dr. Renal opens the door greeting me in an unexpected get up. Greeting me with the most adorable smile she is wearing incredible looking silk pajamas. My face explodes with obvious excitement. My brain doesn’t start processing anything yet. She looks sexy and ready for bed... or something, but then my brain kicks in.
“What’s up with this” I ask. “You two told me... I don’t get it” I tell her. “Uhh why are you...”
“Hiiii Daniel come on in will you? Charlene will be out in a minute.” She welcomes me in, takes my food and wine and offers me a seat. “Please make yourself at home. I think tonight will be nice. I’ve decided to stay over and when I talked to Charlene she told me to bring a pair of pajamas so I picked these out. You don’t mind do you” she said in a delightful voice.
“Uhhh no one told me to wear any pj’s” I came back.
“We can figure something out couldn’t” she joked. “You don’t mind wearing women’s pajamas if it came down to it. Listen this is all for medical research and nothing else.”
“Like hell it is” I told myself. “This is turning into a threesome! A good old orgy, which I’ve never been involved in and doing it with two good looking, sexy black women doubles the pleasure” I thought!
“Yeah you’re right” I replied but sounds like it will be a great and exciting research project won’t it?”
“Maybe” she said with a smirk.
“Hiiiiii Dan” I heard from behind me. I turned to say hi and I saw these two large but perkier then ever boobs staring me straight in the face. “Whoa” I accidentally said aloud. “Ummm don’t you... I mean wow Charlene uhhh you look...”
“Great in these... Why thank you; I hope they aren’t too much.”
Too much... too much hell you could see right through them. I could see her fluffy attractive brown flesh on the inside of her pajamas. Talk about tormenting me, I started to wonder what the hell I was doing there.
“Awww that’s sooo sweet; you do like me in these. That’s great; I hoped I’d fit the bill.”
She did look great in them to put it mildly and I felt all the affects of her fitting the bill. I felt the tingling. I felt the pangs. But I also felt some movement between my legs as well. I had been taking that pink pill every other day as directed for the entire week and seeing the two of them in those sexy silk pajamas drove my libido into outer space.
“Okay, okay you win... you two win alright” I said crying out. “I give in! What do I need to do to make you both happy?” I wasn’t prepared for the situation I was in and didn’t know what to do.
“Nooo... nooo... Nobody wins anything here tonight” Dr. Renal told me. “We are simply here to relax and enjoy ourselves. Once we are done enjoying the evening and each other you are free to either go home or stay with us for the night. That’s all there is to it Dan.”
“Stay with you for the night” I asked myself. “Stay with two gorgeous women in their awesome pajamas or the night” I wondered. “Come one now... no sex, nothing kinky nor anything slightly suggestive along the lines of a threesome” I asked myself.
“Okay this is too weird” I told them while watching Charlene put out the bread, cheese and pour wine for all three of us. She immediately asked why. “Because although I looked at this as a little different as far as medical research goes and knowing this was out of the ordinary of course... I knew it isn’t typical in any situation to be with women for research purposes. I know... yeah I know this is atypical for practicing medicine.”
“Yes it is; you are right Dan” Dr. Renal told me. She said it is a different form of western research well documented and so on and so forth. I didn’t understand but while listening to her and her bullshit she looked too beautiful to pass up on the opportunity.
We talked a while as we ate bread and cheese and drank some wine. Relaxing on her couch with all of us in a circle we came to know one another a lot better. I enjoyed their company much better even though I liked them a lot to begin with.
“Now I’d love to test things out” the doctor said. “Since we aren’t in the clinic or the office and we don’t have our usual gloves I brought along some satin ones for us to wear. This way it protects everyone from any germs.” I said I took a shower about an hour ago. “I did too Dan; both of us did” she replied making me wonder exactly what she meant.
She asked me if I could remove my slacks and I did. Putting on gloves the two smiled and told me what they wanted to try on me. Opening my legs up I did as asked.
Each one gradually proceeded up one of my legs. Talk about a turn on. It took almost every bit of energy I had to maintain myself. The tingling, the pangs and the erotic intensity of two soft silk gloved hands slithering up my legs past my knees and up the inside of my thighs drove me crazy!
My head wobbled, my eyes fluttered open and close as they went back into my head. My legs tensed up and I thought I felt growth in my penis. I thought I felt it hardening. I looked down and saw their white gloves softly caressing my inner thighs right by my cock and then I discovered some victory.
I saw half erect and felt elated. I looked at Charlene. I looked at the doctor. I was beside myself. They were elated too. Both had ear to ear grins on their faces. No one said a word as the two hovered nearby my semi-erect penis.
“Good great” Dr. Renal told me. “Isn’t it great Charlene? Charlene... Charlene” she said quietly as she tapped Charlene’s hand.
I saw Charlene’s eyes. They were fixated on my massive erection. Event though I was not at ‘full strength’ I was impressive and could get any job done if called on. Then the doctor touched me and I suddenly yelped like a naïve 18 year old getting his first piece of ass. She left her hand on it, but mainly it was only her fingers.
Charlene’s hand slid over as she deftly placed her fingers on it too. I let out a long thankful breath of air as my head went backwards. “Thank you... thank you Doc... thank you Charlene” I told them. “I need to repay both of you somehow... someway” I added.
“You will” Charlene said happily. The doctor said almost the exact same thing and the same way as well. I looked at both and Charlene finally stood up and unbuttoned her pajama top. I gazed upon a lightweight brown see-thru bra. You would have never known she had it on if she hadn’t opened it up.
I was crazy for them. I wanted my nurses’ boobs horribly. Then my doctor stood up and did the same thing but she took hers off. Standing in front of me she smiled down at me. I looked at her delicious smooth chocolate flesh.
“I’m in heaven... I’m in heaven” I sang out and both laughed as I continued singing those two lines for several seconds.
“Now that we’ve felt it... let’s see your manliness. Take off your underwear for us Dan so we can see how large it really is.”
I stood up and pulled down my underwear and I never saw two people ‘drool’ over a man’s extremities like these two did that night. It was as if they weren’t in the medical profession at all. They behaved like they were just two women horny for a guys cock and I was their catch for the evening.
“Ohhhhhhhhh shit Danny... I’m sorry. I have to confess” Charlene said. “Yes I am a real nurse and yes she’s a real doctor but truth be told word got around you were a blessed man. Dr. Renal... Lilly knew of a way to heal you. She had to do so officially but like me was crazed about your physical makeup sweetheart.
“So go on put your lips over it and suck it. Hold me... hold me tight! I mean that’s what all this is about right. I think you two are two sex pots too and I’d do almost anything possible with you... so let’s get it on! Here, in the bedroom... it doesn’t matter to me. Let’s dispense with all the bullshit ladies... Let’s get naked and get it on!
“You two do know how to fuck a man don’t you? I mean this isn’t stopping you is it... is it stopping you? I’d love to have sex with both of you if you’ll do me the pleasure. Will you both do me the pleasure” I asked.
Suddenly we all discovered at the exact same time that I was rock hard. My cock had reached full erection and I was hornier then hell. Suddenly they couldn’t keep themselves off it and after removing their gloves all three of us were all over one another as we circled around the room turning off light after light.
Other then an evening light by her fireplace the room was dim and romantic. Practically naked, I was feeling their breasts while they stroked my crotch and cock. Kissing each others necks was a fantastic time. I loved being against these two. Up against two plus sized black babes was a thrill of a lifetime to me.
Down on the floor I crawled over one and then the other as I flaunted my hardness over one belly then the other. I cradled it in one hand over one set of boobs then another. All the while their hands majestically caressed my ass or back or chest. I wished over and over I had video of that night because the joyful pain I inflicted on these two gorgeous black beauties forever remains in my mind as one of the greatest evening of my life.
I never saw the doctor again, but I did hear of her off and on. Charlene told me she did some black bbw modeling for online purposes but I never caught wind of her when I had time to travel those pages.
As for Charlene... she’s met a few other splendid and sexy women her age who have hooked up with her and I for several off hour rendezvous’ but nowadays we make sure it’s all taped for future fun and games.

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Police find missing St. Louis County teen in online escort ad; pimp ... - fox...

7 Dec 2017 at 8:38pm 

Police find missing St. Louis County teen in online escort ad; pimp ...
ST. LOUIS, MO ? Investigators found an image of a missing St. Louis County teen in an escort advertisement on in January 2017. They met the missing 15-year-old during a prostitution visit at an area hotel. Investigators were able to ...

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