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A Drive In The Country

A Drive in the Country

By Dreamwalker - Jun 13, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 4141 From the day that we met online, Mitch and I hit it off. We talked often, and told each other a lot about ourselves. One day, he picked me up several blocks from my house, to have lunch in this out of the way café. A place that gave us privacy to talk about anything, soon our conversation took an unexpected but delightful turn towards our sexual fantasies. Mitch looks around the room, then leans over and asks, “Do you like to masturbate?” My body responded before my lips did and I felt my nipples hard and my clit swell with arousal. Thinking back, I could remember that by the age of ten I had already discovered that touching certain areas of my body made me feel good. Many a night, I spent, fingering my nipples and cunt, until I quivered with excitement. I blush, giggle, and replied, “Why yes, doesn’t everybody?”Before he could respond I flash him a sultry look and ask, “Do you like to masturbate?”He blushes and replies, Yes, especially when I am talking to friends like you online. You are one sexy hot redhead and you make my blood boil.”I shift in my chair feeling the wetness accumulate on my panties, and ask, “Mitch, when did you have your first sexual experience?”I could tell by his reaction, that he was hesitant in telling me when. I took a hold of his chin and look him straight in the eyes. “Baby, nothing you say will alarm me baby, because I have a varied sexual appetite that includes some taboo subjects.Mitch, eyes came alive with excitement and he replies, “Oh really? God that is so hot.” He pauses to watch my reaction then says, “Then you won’t be surprise that my first experience happened when I was six.”My body trembled and I admit, “Oh my God, I would love to hear about that.”Mitch lowers his head, shifts in his chair and answers, “Maybe some other time, doll. Right now, my dick is too hard for me to think straight.”I grab his arm, smile, and calmly answer, “Sure, honey, why don’t you send me an email about it?”He kissed my cheek, put his arm around me and confesses, “That’s a great idea. I can turn you on when your hubby is asleep and you’re hot and horny.”I wink and coo, “Looks like someone is reading my mind.”He laughed, “Well baby, great minds do think alike.”I took a sip of my cola and squirm in my seat, and notice Mitch is watching me closely.He flashes me a devilish grin and suggests, “Looks like I am not the only one horny as hell. Let’s get out of here and go for a drive.”I nod my head in agreement and the two of us stood up and walked out of the restaurant, making sure my body conceals Mitch’s hard on. He escorted me to his vehicle; the smell of his cologne was enough to make me weak in the knees and get my motor revved up into high gear. When he opens the car door, I lean into him and kiss his cheek. Mitch slid in beside me looked around then kisses me passionately as his fingers run across the swell of my breast. I had no idea what would was about to happen until he leans over and says, "Let's ditch the car ride baby, I have a better idea." I grab Mitch’s hand and place it in up under my dress until his fingers touch my drenched panties. His face lights up with excitement and he said, “Damn, you’re so wet. Keep that thought in mind I know of a secluded area we can go and have some fun.Mitch places both hands on the wheel and drives out of the busy metropolis. I lay my head on his shoulder. Soon I notice we turn off the main road, go down a dusty, country-road.Once I see we are out of the city, I watch Mitch closely as I began unbuttoning my dress. I move cautiously and slowly as I want to surprise him. I’m down to my bra and panties, when he glances my way.Mitch almost drove off the road and exclaims, “Hot-damn! Woman, I never knew you had an exhibitionist side.”I smile seductively and reply, “Like what you see baby?”He nods his head, and gently moves his right hand up my left leg. Slowly kneading my skin with a touch as light as a feather, closer to my hot cunt with each passing second. My hand instinctively goes to his hard cock tenting his jeans. Just as his hand reaches my soaking pussy, I quiver with an approaching orgasm. Then to my frustration he removes his hand quickly and orders, “I don’t care who is looking baby, I want you to take everything off, right now.”By this point I’m so damn horny, I comply with his request, without hesitation. He slows the car down to watch and soon there I am sitting there naked, with my nipples in view of anyone who drove past us. Mitch licks his lips hungrily and says, “Masturbate for me baby.”With one hand I caress a hard nipple as my other one, slips between the folds of my steamy cunt.I watch his reaction as my touch turns me on. I quiver and squeal, “Oh fuck, I just love playing with my hot naked body! My cunt is so wet!” Before I knew it Mitch shouts, “I want you to cum for me baby!” I close my eyes, rub my clit feverously, and pinch the hardened nipple. I gasp, and scream, “Ooooooooh God, I am cumming!” In all the commotion, I have no idea; Mitch has pulled off the dirt road onto a barely used pathway. That was until the car stops and he opens his car door.I know Mitch has been waiting a long time to have hot wild sex like this. It was time for both of us to experience what he had been missing.Mitch orders me to get out of the car and come around to the driver’s side. Once there, I see him pull off his shirt and jeans, and I gasp, because he’s not wearing any underwear. When he is com completely naked, he pulls me close, kisses me hard, and our tongues do the dance of lovers.With a devilish smirk on his face Mitch requests, “Give me a blow job!”I kneel on the grass before him without hesitation. I put my mouth down around the head of his cock, gently, swirling my tongue around. I then began licking the whole length of the shaft as if it were and all day sucker. When I engulf his cock, and began swirling my tongue around it, Mitch moans with pleasure.He starts thrusting his hips up to meet my lips, fucking my face. I knew that he would cum soon.Mitch runs his fingers through my hair. All of a sudden, he grabs my head, holding it against his pubic hair as his cum explodes down my throat.Afterwards I stood up and lick my lips and say, “You taste so fucking good baby!”Mitch told me to move so he could get out of the car. He stood up, pulls me close, and kisses me deeply. “Thanks baby, you knew just what I needed! Now lay down on the seat, it’s your turn.”Instead of taking care of her, he told her to get dressed. Deana was a bit surprised, but did as he said. He smiled a devilish smile, thinking about what he had in mind. There was just something incredible between them…it was electric. Deana didn't know what he had in mind, but she didn't care.“What?” He asked, glancing across at Deana and seeing a lustful look in her eyes.She smiled at him, leaned over and started to rub his cock through his shorts.“I love doing this, ” she whispered in a husky voice.His cock was immediately rigid, even though he’d just shot a load down her throat when they were parked on the dirt road. By that time, they’d pulled out onto the busy Interstate.“Ooh, the Big Boy’s awfully hard, ” she said, as she unsnapped his shorts and pulled down the zipper.Lust was written all over her face as she freed his member. She studied it for a moment, jacking it slowly with her hand, squeezing a drop of pre-cum out the end. Then she lowered her face and licked it off, while he drove down the middle of the Interstate. He had to concentrate on driving, and Deana’s oral attention was making it difficult to do, but it was oh so hot!He glanced across at her legs sticking out from under her dress, and desperately wanted to feel her wetness with his fingers. While she sucked him in earnest, he reached over and pulled her dress up so he could slip his hand between her legs. When his fingers found her sex, she was dripping wet. Even though he could easily get to her pussy underneath her panties, he wanted to see her.“Take off your dress!” He ordered.Deana was so hot; she couldn’t care less about modesty. She didn’t even release his cock from her mouth, as she slid her panties off and kicked them into the floorboard of the car. She then reluctantly let him slip out of her mouth so she could pull her dress over her head, dropping it into the floorboard as well. Momentarily, her bra joined the rest of her clothes, leaving her naked in the broad daylight as they headed down the Interstate. She spread her legs, so he could finger her without any encumbrance. She immediately engulfed his cock again. He looked over and saw her drenched sex, causing him to shiver with desire. The harder he finger fucked her, the harder she sucked him.He must so aroused he wasn’t paying as much attention to the road as he should have been. Somehow he was able to keep the car on the road, but he wasn’t thinking about what others might see as he passed by them. The harder she sucked him, the faster he drove. It’s a wonder he didn’t get stopped for speeding. When he passed an eighteen-wheeler, he didn’t think about the fact that the driver would have a great view of Deana’s exposed sex. When he pulled up alongside the cab of the truck, the driver quickly let Mitch know he approved of the show, by honking his horn and speeding up, so he could stay along side of them.That got Deana’s attention, but instead of it bothering her, it made her even hotter. She waved her naked ass at the trucker as she concentrated on sucking Mitch’s cock and jacked him until he erupted into her mouth.After he came, he started to speed up to get past the trucker, but Deana stopped him and cried out, “I want him to watch me!”Still frantic with desire, she rolled over on her back in the seat and reclined it so the trucker could watch Mitch finger her. She spread her legs lewdly so he could see everything, and fucked Mitch’s fingers, lifting herself up off of the seat. Mitch couldn’t see the guy’s face, but Deana sure could. She watched him until she exploded around Mitch’s thrusting fingers. He realized in that moment, how much a little exhibitionism turned on his lover. As soon as Deana came, her attitude changed. She sat up and covered herself, telling Mitch to hit the gas. She quickly put her panties and dress back on, and then helped him get his manhood back into his pants. Mitch pulled away from the trucker and heard him honk one last time before the trucker pulled off of the road. Mitch wondered how long it took him to get his cock out of his pants, after the show he’d just seen. Deana thought she'd just might like to help that trucker relieve the problem she'd caused, but she didn't say anything about that to Mitch.

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