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Texas Heat

By Carol D. J. - Feb 2, 2006 2205 It had been a hot day in central Texas. I had been riding the fence lines looking for broken wire or fence posts. The temperature must have been around 95 degrees plus and I was rather sweaty. I knew that just a couple of miles ahead was a cool spot with trees and a cool pond, I could hardly wait to get there and go skinny dipping.At last, after fixing three poles and some strands of wire I finally arrived at the oasis. I got off my horse and tied him to a tree then I went and took off my clothes. At 26, 6'2" and 165 pounds I have a nice body (as told to me by many females).
I took a running leap into the cool water of the pond and let the sweat be washed away. After swimming like this for a few minutes I got out of the water and spread a blanket on the ground. Then I laid down to dry off.
It only seemed like about half an hour when I heard the rustle of some bushes. I looked up and saw a very nice looking woman coming towards me on a horse. I grabbed for my towel to cover up with but she laughed"don't be shy, I have three brothers and have seen it all!"."Sure is a hot day" she continued, "I thought I'd come over and take a swim myself." With that she started taking her clothes off. I couldn't take my eyes off of her! First her shirt came off and I saw that she was wearing no bra. Her tits, while not large were of medium size with nipples the size of fifty cent pieces. Then she took off her boots and then her jeans. There was just an inch wide strip of black pubic hair covering her slit. By now my cock was seven inched of rock hard manhood.
She turned and ran over to the water and dived in. She surfaced and looked at me. "Come on in" she said, "I have a place where you can put that cock if you can catch me that is." I couldn't resist a challange so I ran over and jumped in the water. I thought I knew where she was but when I broke the surface she was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly I felt a hand around my cock and a sharp jerk, then it was gone. It took me a second to realize what had pulled my cock so I dove underwater again. I caught a glimpse of her as she swam away.
I started after her and finally grabbed hold of her foot. She twisted and turned trying to get away but I held her tightly. We surfaced and she started to laugh. "What are you laughing at?" I asked. "I never knew a cock could be so big." she said.We waded up to the shore and then laid down on my blanket. I leaned over her and kissed her a long passionate kiss. She returend it in kind. As we kissed I brought my hand up to her tits. They felt so nice, they were not rock hard but firm. I lowered myself and started licking and sucking her nipples. They started to get hard and she started to moan. "God that feels so wonderful" she said "keep on doing it."
With that she shifted around a little until she could reach down and take hold of my cock and balls. She ever so lightly ran her hand up and down the length of my shaft. After doing this for a couple of minutes she increased her grip and I nearly shot out of my skin. I took one of my hands and ran it down through her pubic hair to her slit. I could feel the moistness there and bathed my finger in it. Then feeling around I found her pussy hole, then her clit. I took my forefinger and thumb and put them on either side of her clit then started to massage it as though I was masturbating a penis. Back and forth I ran my fingers as she started squirm and moan.
"Oh God, oh God I think I am going to come." she said. Then her body started jerking up and down and I could hardly keep my fingers in the right position. She was moving so fast that I finally had to take my thumb and stick it up her pussy hole. Because of the form of the thumb I knew that I was rubbing against her G spot. About this time her body gave a violent twitch and I knew whe was having her orgasm. I kept moving my thumb inside her until finally she slowed down. "Please, no more, I've had ten or fifteen orgasms. Don't rub any more."
We laid there for about five minutes, she still had her hand resting around my cock. "Now it's my turn to do you" she said and slipped down and got between my legs. She started by slowly stroking my balls, rolling them around and pulling down on the scrotum. Then, ever so slowly she put her lips over the very head of my cock and started licking the tip with the very tip of her tongue. Lowering her head she proceeded to take inch by inch of my cock into her mouth until she had all of it. Slowly she started moving her head up and down the shaft while still handling my balls.
After a few minutes of this she took my cock from her mouth and lowered it to my balls where she took one then the other and finally both of them in her mouth. I couldn't believe the feeling of both balls in her warm wet mouth while her tongue circled around them.Finally she stopped and rolled over onto her back. She spread her legs wide and said "Come on and fuck me, I want to feel that hot cock of yours inside me. I want to feel those big balls knocking against my ass hole."
I needed no encouragement, I rolled on top of her and rubbed the head of my cock in her slit to get it covered with her fuck juices then I lowered my cock into her hole. It was so wet and seemed to go on forever. Finally I felt the tip hit her cervix and knew I had it all the way inside her. I stated fucking her as she rose and lowered her hips to meet my thrusts. Faster and faster we went until I could feel the pressure building up in my balls and then suddenly explode inside her sending gobs and gobs of hot sticky cum blasting into her womb.
She'd reached her orgasm again moaning and screaming until I thought the people in the next county would hear us. We finally both subsided and my cock grew soft and pulled out of her hole. "Let's take another swim before we have to be going" she said. We both got up and waded out into the stream. The water felt cold but good on our hot bodies. I stopped to look around when suddenly she went underwated and then I felt her mouth suck on my cock for a few seconds. "That's a thank you for the good fucking you gave me" she said. Then she swam away from me.
We played around in the pool chasing and splashing each other. Then we got out and stood out in the sun to dry off. It was then that I noticed she had no tan lines. "Do you like to sun bathe?" I asked""Yes" she said, "I come out here at least once a week and lay out in the sun then go for a swim." "Maybe we'll meet again" I said."I'm positive of it" she said.Then we got dressed and each rode off our separate ways

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